Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24, Thursday

Take TWO for ONE FC in Manila

As far as 2013 is concerned, this will be the second visit of 
ONE Fighting Championships in Manila.
 {'Twas in August, 2012 when ONE FC debuted in Manila}

On December 6, Friday [at the Mall of Asia Arena] - 
ONE FC : The Moment of Truth - will showcase

the anticipated rematch for the ONE FC Featherweight World Championship where ONE FC Champion Koji Oishi [no photo] will defend his title against
Honorio Banario [above left w Victor Cui],

the return of Eduard Folayang [above] and Geje Eustaquio,

and -  the ONE FC debut of Filipina MMA sensation Jujeath Nagaowa

Tickets are now on sale at SM Tickets []
VIP section               6, 360        Php
Patron                      2, 180
Lower Box                1, 280
Upper Box                    640
Gean Admission            120

Well - So much for ONE FC .  .  .

It's no secret that I'm not a writer, nor a reporter, nor a correspondent - I'm just a very good photographer who blogs - ergo, puts my own "non-traditional", and more accurately ->personal spin - on things, on the sports events I cover officially, and non-officially through imagery --- 

 occasionally, though, I've been randomly inserting non-sports related feats -- Why the hell Not ?

 --->Human interest stuff, Rock photos, Analogue images from my film days, Sappy poems even !, Car photos by friends, Ghost images from an inebriated evening [I was so drunk, in a friend's party but still managed to take some photos], Portraits of former girlfriends - Ha!     and simply because I find it so boring to have a totally all-sports blog - That's just me.

  { And for certain reasons - I deliberately avoid posting my current personal portrait shoots, which I have a lot off, and photos of gimmicks w my close, close friends  } - FYI, that party post was that of a media friend {not that close to me, but a friend none the less} was just a one-time thing - don't intend to post party pictures ever again - Even though it did get a lot of hits -  I'd rather not do it again.

Anyway, in that ONE FC Press Con, earlier today ---->bumped into my photog buds Czear Dancel and  Jerome Escano, and  motoring writer/photographer Jude Morte ---->had my usual pleasantries w/ one dude who's been travelling all over this side of the Panama Canal the past years or so with ONE FC, My Good Buddy and ONE FC Master of Ceremonies Anthony Suntay

 Stolen Shot - Anthony Suntay and Loren Mack

 ---->had a brief conversation with Mr. Loren Mack, Director of Public Relations [based in Singapore] for ONE FC {who finally recognized me, after those three ONE FC had covered, as of now!} --->met and conversed with Provocatuer Head Honcho Charmaine Cruz,  and in the last minute --->found myself engrossed in conversation with JR Bunag and some Hard Core Martial Arts Instructors David Jansson and Neil Dam [and ONE FC fans] from  Camp Jansson, in Nueva Ecija - {they help train the military in Camp Magsaysay - FYI, they teach yoga too!}

 JR Bunag / Eduard Folayang / David Jansson

I did throw the idea of me, or any media person/entity spending a few days in Camp Jansson - in order for me to post a juicy feat [several vignettes] on this MMA outfit - { my other companion will, of course, do his [or her] own separate feat for  an on-line or print group  } They sounded amenable to it - so far, but Hey, Firsts things first - They have other priorities for now, I have other priorities for now -- 

Working in a totally different scenario --> a Military Camp hours from MManila, with, probably a different "culture", {"Spartan" living conditions ?? } {don't mind as long as there's Excellent W-Fi !!! } so to speak, of it's own - That does get my mind's eye's working overtime - visualizing/constantly imagining great images that will convey what Camp Janssen is all about.  And then Some !!!

.  .  . and MORE SO pleasantly - all through my "press lunch" I had the unexpected company {w lottsa of personal kuwento between us - the few times we bump into each other we ALWAYS exchange  kuwento about our "mga mahalaga sa buhay friends" hahaha - Coincidentally - Never planned it BUT It just happened so many times in the past year and a half !!} of a real nice [magaan makasama talaga]  facebook friend and true to life ONE FC {One Female Companion - haha!} {at least only for Oct.24} ---> Alexx E ! Joke Lang !

The "other" ONE FC

 Alexx E !!

Big Time PR  is Alexx' aspiration

I remember, as clear as day, that hectic evening last August 31 of 2012, at the Araneta, during the first ever ONE FC Event in Manila -  as a result of some "Press/ID/Credentials mix-up"  we ended up being seated together, then a month or so after that we bumped again into each other in a meeting in a production office - and that's when, for the first time - I confided w/ someone [I had to kasi hindi ko na matiis - and had been keeping my "sama ng loob" to myself for so long about this weird friend of mine.  And, earlier today, we were just talking, exchanging jokes [again]- talking about each of our own separate tearful experiences - humoring it all up - and just feeling so much better after.  At the LRT station, as I saw her off, I wondered out loud why - Every time we bump into each other, I just happen to have fresh kuwento about this same person [and I have NEVER ever confided to anyone about this same person 'xept to Alexx - hahaha !]  and she's like sent by fate/circumstance to give me a chance to deal w my issues, simply by chatting about it - and just feeling better - after.    Ganoon lang kasimple talaga minsan.

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